At Family Eco Dental we have designed practice that reflects our commitment to the wellbeing of our patients, team members, community, and environment. Through diligent planning we have created high performance green facilities that are a healthy, productive place to work; less costly to operate and maintain; and also reduces our environmental footprint.


Qualities that make Family Eco Dental eco-friendly:

  • Ample use of natural light
  • Energy saving fixtures and light bulbs
  • Use of eco-friendly construction materials, including a high percentage of recycled content for floor tiles, glass tiles and countertops, ceiling tiles, low VOC paint, etc.
  • Use of energy saving appliances and equipment
  • Use of water saving technology for all dental equipment and instruments
  • Use of all digital X rays
  • An entirely paperless system, created with digital charts stored with proper secure backups
  • Office located in an area easily accessible via mass transport
  • Use of reusable goods, such as stainless steel cassettes for sterilization, to minimize the amount of disposables